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Manual desktop paper folding machine  which holds up to A3 size paper (EP-42F / EP-42S).

Easy to set for 6 standard and non-standard folds, with adjustment key for precise fold result

It is the ideal choice for a reliable, easy-to-use entry-level user folding machine

Easy to operate: LED read button and touch button function keys

A wide variety of simple and complex curls

Reliable feed system with three friction rollers

Heavy steel construction

Manually set overlay positions

Adjustable folding speed (EP-42S / EP-45F)

Fully equipped automatic friction folding machine with automatic size recognition, digital counter and six preset paper folds (EP-45F)

Built-in micro-computer allows all-electric setup, eliminating tedious manual adjustments (EP-45F)

Simply choose from six pre-programmed popular curls or create and store your own curls optional (EP-45F)   

Technical characteristics:

model EP-42F EP-42S EP-45F
paper size 91x128mm(B7) to 297x432mm(A3) or 3.5”x 5.0” to 11”x 17”
B7 single size, B6 cannot be folded.
paper thickness 45-220g/m2 (up to 135g/m2 for single fold)
type of bending Single, (Folding twice) Letter, Zigzag, Double, Parallel, Fold-out, Gate, Custom
bending speed 50HZ 7000 list
60HZ 8000 list
3000-9000 list 3000-10000 list per hour
power 220V/50HZ, 50W 220V/50HZ, 50W 220V/50HZ, 75W
weight gross/net 28 kg 28 kg 28 kg
dimensions 65x58x44cm 65x58x44cm 65x58x44cm
PRICE in USD + 18%VAT 1.00 USD +18%VAT 1.400 USD + 18%VAT 2.200 USD + 18%VAT


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